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At Flair, our portfolio is a statement about how patience, creativity, curiosity and sometimes a sense of humor come together to create the perfect solution to a client quandary. Often, today's straightforward project was designed in response to a client dilemma. The issues faced by our clients are as diverse as the industries they represent. The combination of years of experience, knowing the materials, asking the right questions and listening to the answers mean our clients receive a product that is the perfect solution.

The breadth of our experience is one of our greatest assets.

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Custom Plastic Ice Cream Case Container

client needs:

Scooping up cold, hard ice cream is no easy task — and ice cream must be hard. Customers expect it and the health department requires it. While full containers are heavy enough to stay in their place when scoop comes into contact with ice cream, by the time you reach the bottom, the force required to dip out the perfect scoop of ice cream can create havoc in the freezer.

flair solution:

Using food grade HDPE, we cut inserts for the bottom of the ice cream freezer. These inserts hold the containers in place, adding stability for removing every last scoop.