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At Flair, our portfolio is a statement about how patience, creativity, curiosity and sometimes a sense of humor come together to create the perfect solution to a client quandary. Often, today's straightforward project was designed in response to a client dilemma. The issues faced by our clients are as diverse as the industries they represent. The combination of years of experience, knowing the materials, asking the right questions and listening to the answers mean our clients receive a product that is the perfect solution.

The breadth of our experience is one of our greatest assets.

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client needs:

There are few supply houses that carry the esoteric devices needed by many researchers. Consider the conundrum faced by researchers studying the brains of mice and rats. No matter how nicely the researchers asked, those little critters would not stay where they were put. The testing machine lays out a horizontal and vertical laser path to plot the course of mice under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The researchers needed a way to keep the mice in the machine and limit any distractions that could influence their subjects.

Custom Plastic Research Light and Sound Proof Box

flair solution:

We designed a light and sound proof box. The sound proofing material used also reduced vibration. To keep the little guys from overheating while they worked, each box also included a computer cooling fan for circulation.