Custom Plastic 3D Salt Grotto Logo

3D Salt Grotto LogoClient Needs:
For a display in her showroom, the owner of a new business wanted to create a
3–D version of her logo – a rotating salt molecule.

Flair Solution:
Salt is a combination of sodium and chloride (or NaCl for you technical types) and is often depicted as a cube, the clear representing the larger chloride ion and with the smaller sodium ion in blue. We designed a large cube with a smaller cube inside to create the 3–D logo. A base, with the company name and logo in vinyl letters completes the presentation.

Plastic Drawer Divider

Plastic Drawer DividerClient Needs:
The drawers in most cabinets be they in an office, a warehouse, a boat, an RV or your home were not designed by the same folks who make drawer dividers. Yet the stuff we keep in drawers isn’t useful unless we can find it.

Flair Solution:
Using client input about what will be stored, dimensions, and how often used we designed a drawer liner that optimizes the storage space in this drawer. The client has added similar storage to drawers in their RV and office desks.

Custom Plastic Ice Cream Case Container

Custom Plastic Ice Cream Case ContainerClient Needs:
Scooping up cold, hard ice cream is no easy task — and ice cream must be hard. Customers expect it and the health department requires it. While full containers are heavy enough to stay in their place when scoop comes into contact with ice cream, by the time you reach the bottom, the force required to dip out the perfect scoop of ice cream can create havoc in the freezer.

Flair Solution:
Using food grade HDPE, we cut inserts for the bottom of the ice cream freezer. These inserts hold the containers in place, adding stability for removing every last scoop.

Football Helmet Plastic Case

Collectible Football Helmet Plastic Display CaseClient Needs:
This framing shop specializes in collectables. On any given day, his customers will arrive with athletic jerseys, shoes, programs, autographed baseballs, footballs, or basket balls. While creating a frame or display for a single item is a straight forward task, a display for multiple, related items, requires a bit more thought.

Flair Solution:
For each project, we worked with the shop owner to determine the overall dimensions for the project — how much space would the framed section be versus what is needed for the boxed item. Vinyl lettering adds to the complexity as the finished size must allow for the displayed items to be seen clearly as well as the lettering easy to read.

Custom Plastic Research Light & Sound Proof Box

Custom Plastic Research Light & Sound Proof BoxClient Needs:
There are few supply houses that carry the esoteric devices needed by many researchers. Consider the conundrum faced by researchers studying the brains of mice and rats. No matter how nicely the researchers asked, those little critters would not stay where they were put. The testing machine lays out a horizontal and vertical laser path to plot the course of mice under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The researchers needed a way to keep the mice in the machine and limit any distractions that could influence their subjects.

Flair Solution:
We designed a light and sound proof box. The sound proofing material used also reduced vibration. To keep the little guys from overheating while they worked, each box also included a computer cooling fan for circulation.

Custom Plastic School Project: Larry’s Home

Custom Plastic School ProjectClient Needs:
Every parents’ nightmare — the dreaded school project. For this student, the assignment was to create a home for Larry the Leprechaun. Larry’s home needed space to store his gold and other treasurers as well as a bed for Larry and his pets. All this limited to a 12″ x 12″ space.

Flair Solution:
We worked with the student, turning his ideas into a house for Larry that is attractive, structurally sound and light enough for a small boy to carry to school. Larry is very happy in his new home.